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I strongly believe that children are our community’s most precious resource and that every child deserves the opportunity to achieve their personal best.

I am running for the Fallbrook Elementary School Board to make sure that every child is given the resources and support they need to succeed.

Elementary school years are critical because during this time students must acquire basic reading, writing and math skills – the foundation for future learning. When students reach 4th grade, they are expected to have the reading proficiency that allows them to understand and process the subjects being taught. If they don’t, struggling youth often fall behind… giving up, dropping out and facing a future with fewer options.

For many students, academic achievement gaps may be the result of a language barrier, family health problem or financial pressures. Other students, such as those with development disabilities, mental health issues or learning challenges, also face educational hurdles. Whatever the reason for their achievement gap, every child has the potential to succeed and deserves the support to do so.

I am running for the Fallbrook Elementary School Board because I will provide the leadership that puts students first. 

When students struggle in the classroom, it’s important to identify the challenges they are facing and determine what resources fit those individual circumstances and periodically evaluate the student’s progress. Certainly, the goal should be to enable students to catch up to their peers and achieve grade level with reading and math. Targeted educational programs and resources can make all the difference for students. They can close the achievement gap and create a positive learning environment for every student in the classroom.  When all students can access high-quality education, everyone wins!

I am running for the School Board because I will provide strong fiscal oversight of District expenditures to ensure that funds are well spent and that students, teachers and staff are given the resources they need to succeed. 

I salute the dedicated staff of our schools who embrace one of the most challenging tasks of any career – inspiring students to embark on a lifetime of learning. 

Join me in helping our students achieve their dreams, because we can do better and our kids deserve better.

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